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The Alps and the Dolomites
Sea and Mountains
History and Volcanoes
About us

The Italian Outdoor is an Italian tour operator founded in 1998 by a group of geologists. We organize hiking and biking tours, from the alps to the sea with a particular focus on the geological and archaeological heritage.

We consider our coustomers as travelers, and our aim is to take them to discover the beauties of our country in an active way, far from the classic touristic routes.

Our trips are complete programs that combine real outdoor experiences (hiking, biking, canoeing and skiing) with cultural visits to discover traditions and beautiful country sides.

Obviously, as italians always do, we don't forget the very important factor of tasting the good traditional food of the area we are visiting, including the experience of wine tasting in prestigious wineyards.

The trips on our website are divided mainly into three areas:

The Alps and Dolomites

Discovering more particular areas in the shadow of famous mountain tops, but focusing on the less crowded and more wild areas.

The Italian mountains keep old traditions alive, giving people the opportunity to step into the past during the outdoor activity or relaxing enjoying traditional food.

In the foothills of the Alps there are hidden gems of towns full of art and ancient buildings which we introduce to our tours as like Venice, Verona and many castles and villages builted in the Middle Age.

Sea & Mountains

In Italy we have hundreds of kilometers of coastline which is still rich in wild nature and surrounded by beautiful mountains and deep valleys. The most famous of all are the landscapes of "the 5 villages" in Liguria, "the emerald coast in Sardinia" and the "little islands" of Tuscany.

Our aim is to discover less known areas where the contact with real nature is possible, far from crowded tracks and to visit original traditional vineyards, olive oil farms and to taste the country kitchen in a real "agriturismo".

History under the Volcanoes

In Italy you can visit some of the more active volcanoes in the world. Stromboli in the Aeolian Islands have a daily eruption and it ispossible to see this spectacle every night.

Mount Etna with its' 3200 meters is a complex volcanoe, that erupts every 2 years with the so called "touristic eruptions". Under the shadow of active volcanoes life has a particular way and its' own traditions, the farming and food have their own "special taste".

Since the time of Greek culture we have examples of "living under the volcanoes" and we would like to offer a taste of that by visiting many heritage sites, including Taormina Greek theatre, the Greek Syracuse or a visit to Pompei and Ercolano under the sleeping Vesuvious.


On our website you can see the highlights and main features of our trip, with prices calculated on a base of a group of 12-14 People.

We can tailor the program to suit the needs of your group.

For any query please contact us by email:
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