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History and Volcanoes
History and Volcanoes
In Italy you can visit some of the most active and spectacular volcanoes in the world
Aeolian Islands, the pearls of Sicily: wonderful volcanoes in the blue Mediterranean Sea
5 days
About this Tour
Aeolian Islands host some of the most active Volcanoes in the world. Their beauty is even more pronounced by the surrounding crystal clear Mediterranean, guaranteeing visitors a genuinely relaxing time on beautiful natural beaches. The volcanoes encourage us to explore a range of interesting phenomena appropriately elaborated on by the specialist geologist/guide. But the presence of volcanoes has also created a very particular people rich in traditions and culture, alongside a genuine creativity in cuisine and a handy facility in wine production: all things nobody should miss when visiting this wonderful area of the southern Italy.
  • We will visit the 4 most interesting islands of this volcanic archipelago: Lipari, Salina, Stromboli (with daily eruptions) and Vulcano.
  • Daily hike visiting the geological wonders with an expert geologist-volcanologist
  • Discovering the old traditions of the Islands:wineries and fish markets
  • Reaching the summit of the active volcano Stromboli in the late afternoon, to enjoy the spectacular sunset on the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, with the unique view of lava fountains, to light an unforgettable night.
Suggested Season
From March to May and from the end of September to November
Suggested Airport